Remote Presentations

1 minute read

This year, NAACL is introducing the option of remote presentations for presenters who cannot otherwise attend the conference.

This option is only available when a presenter has no possibility to attend, for instance, due to travel bans, denied visas, income/resource constraints, or medical and family constraints. To avail this option, authors will be required to submit a form providing documentation of the inability to attend where possible, for instance, a visa rejection letter. The link to the form will be made available when early bird registration opens.

The information provided will be reviewed and selected authors will be notified via email. The selection will be made based on the nature of the circumstances and availability of remote presentation spots. All remote attendees will need to prepare their presentation according to guidelines that will be e-mailed to them. For example, authors will need to ensure that they have a stable internet connection when presenting their work, and will need to record a “backup” presentation.

For individuals who are not presenters and cannot otherwise attend, we are looking into live streaming options.